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Magic Comes in Many Colors

Old legends spring to life. Nightmares walk the land. But heroes may be found in the most unlikely of places. Can a father's love save a cursed child from a dark destiny?


Adventure on every page

Into the Vast

"The story draws you in and will not let go until the last page. Into the Vast is a tale of courage, hope and bravery. Daring escapades and adventures keep you engrossed, and I look forward to the next book in this series. A must-read!"

- Reader's Favorite

Awakening the Sentients favorite thing about this story is the gentle and inventive way that the author illustrates truth throughout the story.

- Author Jenelle Schmidt

Artificer's Apprentice

Concise, tight and well-imagined, the very language pulls the reader into comprehension all along the way. If you're looking for a highly crafted, imaginative, alien feeling world -- that somehow still feels familiar -- don't miss this fun read.

- Amazon Reviewer

Stories as big as the Universe

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George MacDonald Quote: Foolish People

George MacDonald wrote many wonderful stories, but my favorite by a country mile is The Wise Woman and the Last Princess. This quote reminds us that taking someone’s side is not always in their best interests.

Introducing the world of Kiln

Welcome to the world of Kiln. It’s not everyday a world is born. Come celebrate this brand new setting for my upcoming epic fantasy series.

Dragon Slave book review

Here’s one you won’t want to miss. The remarkably refreshing and surprising tale of Dragon Slave by Cela Day.

Lewolkien 2019

In a world of light speed technology and twenty four hour social media feeds, the Lewolkien conference is an oasis in a desert of busyness and pragmatism. Join me in an overview of this year’s conference.

Jots and Tittles #4: Lewolkien at Rugby

I’m headed to my third Lewolkien conference to discuss Lewis and Tolkien and kick about in history Rugby Tennessee, home to a library from the 19th century that time forgot.

Swords, castles, and knights, Oh, my! A reluctant scholar’s guide to medieval research

Armor up, and let’s get to fightin’! In this guider for medieval research for writers we’ll look at some great resources for learning about castles, sword fighting, and medieval life.