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January 2016

quote smartest person in the room

Quote: The Smartest Person in the Room

As a writer, I’m always trying to improve. That’s why I read, that’s why I listen to my editors (mostly),…

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something in the genre of imagination

Release Date for Ascent of the Nebula

Get ready to throw the confetti, play your best rendition of “Pomp and Circumstance” and generally whoop it up, because a new book is about to arrive. Today I’m pleased to announce the impending release of the third and final book of the Chronotrace Sequence, Ascent of the Nebula. Head on over to the website for all the details!

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author book editing meme

Meme: My book when I send it to my editor

After some of my recent writing and editing travails, I put together this little meme to express how I felt…

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typewriter wrote a novel

On the Particular Temptations of Writers: Pt 2

I shared some initial thoughts on this topic a few weeks ago in Part 1. Today I’d like to finish…

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star wars force awakens han solo chewbacca

Star Wars the Force Awakens Extended Review (Spoilers)

Note: in case the title isn’t obvious enough this review of Star Wars the Force Awakens contains major spoilers about the…

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star wars force awakens movie poster

Star Wars the Force Awakens Review

A quick note. This review is spoiler free. Star Wars the Force Awakens has some pretty major plot twists and I talk about…

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Yorien's Hand Book Cover

Faith and Fantasy and Yorien’s Hand

Today I have the privilege of welcoming my friend and fellow author Jenelle Leanne Schmidt for a guest post. She…

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