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A Time to Rest

time to rest

The bags hit the floor. A deep sigh. A plop into the comfy chair. These are sure signs that I am back from a long vacation. And this one was longer than any in recent memory. I was on the road for nearly three weeks. It was a time to rest. A time to reflect. And a time to take a break from writing, editing, and all things authorial.

It came at a wonderful time. I had just sent The Last Motley off to my new editor and am in between projects so this was a great opportunity to shift gears, reboot, lay down my burdens, all those cliches. I spent the first week of my vacation at a Trail Life camp. If you’re not familiar with Trail Life, it is an offshoot of Boy Scouts, but explicitly Christian. I got to know some of the boys in my son’s troop along with spending time with my son as well. We were challenged spiritually to “walk worthy” in a manner pleasing to the Lord. That’s the sort of challenge I really need to be confronted with every day and it refreshed my soul to receive it.

After that it was off to Florida for a very different sort of vacation, visiting family, seeing an amazing fireworks show in the rain (well, okay, a drizzle), and playing tennis on a court with no net. All my shots went over! It was amazing. I think I’m ready to hit the pro tour now.

Then we drove to Orlando and spent 5 days attending the Dice Tower Con 5 board gaming convention in a beautiful hotel. Not that we saw much of the hotel outside our room and the gaming hall. We were too busy playing games. I’ll talk a little more about that in a separate post, but needless to say it was a blast and over all too quickly.

A time to read

time to die coverIn the midst of my grand adventure, I found a little treasure in the form of a new book I picked up. I haven’t finished it yet, so I can’t give it an unreserved recommendation at this point, but if the first third is any indication, this is one you’ll want to read. A Time to Die by Nadine Brandes is an incredibly well-written dystopian novel with a really interesting premise—a world where everyone is given a clock at birth which tells the the hour of their death. It’s been so nice just to have a little time to rest and read. That and the extended time with family are the best parts about vacation.

But now that I’m back, it’s a time to write (to continue with our Ecclesiastes theme.) I’ve got the new fantasy series to plot and scheme over you see. World’s don’t build themselves and there is a great deal of planting to be done before the story can be harvested. I know most of the main characters, but the plot is still a bit sketchy and there is no map yet. No map makes for a sad writer so that will have to be remedied hup-hup!

In the next few updates look for more musings on this new series as well as a few board gaming related highlights from DiceTower. Oh, oh, oh, and before I leave I’d be remiss if I didn’t adjure you in the strongest possible way to VOTE FOR THE SILMARILLION AWARDS! Today is the last day to vote for the 2016 awards. Some of the races are tighter than a spy’s lips in the Cold War! So get your vote in while you still can. The winners will start being announced, one per day starting July 16th! Be sure to check my Facebook and Twitter pages for those announcements as well.

Until then, ta-ta!

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Comments (5)

  1. Deborah O'Carroll July 15, 2016 at 1:06 pm

    Glad you had a good vacation! I hope your writing/planning will go well on the new fantasy series! 🙂 I’m also really excited about the winners of the awards — EEP. I wonder who they’ll be. 😀 Happy writing, DJ!

  2. DJ Edwardson July 15, 2016 at 1:10 pm

    Thanks, Deborah. Happy writing to you as well! Hope you’re having a great summer!

  3. Jenelle July 15, 2016 at 5:53 pm

    I really need to read Nadine Brandes’ books. Keep hearing such good things about them.

    Your tennis story made me laugh uproariously.

  4. Abbey July 31, 2016 at 7:26 pm

    I wasn’t going to comment on this post since I’ve several weeks late reading it… but I had to stop in and say that it sounds like you had wonderful, relaxing vacation time with your family! I’m so glad that you got to enjoy time with them. I’ll be following your tennis career with interest. 🙂

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