About DJ Edwardson

DJ Edwardson photo author headshotDJ Edwardson is the Grace Award nominated author of several books and shorter works. He decided to become a writer because all of his favorite ones were dead and he was running out of things to read. J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis are the two he enjoys the most. He likes to think that authors who use their initials are better writers, but he can’t actually prove it. Although much of what he writes falls in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres, he likes to call his work “imaginative” fiction and often incorporates elements from multiple genres.

He has a degree in English from Cornell College where his emphasis was on the works of Shakespeare. He’s tried his hand at both acting and directing in the theater, but these days is happiest with a pen in his hand. He lives in Tennessee with his wife and three children and an unusually large collection of board games. His family usually gangs up on him so that he doesn’t win, but he has fun anyway.

Author DJ Edwardson's seal of approvalIf you’d like to find out a little more, here are links to a few other bits of information, including a short video.

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