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And it came from the blog: Inspirational posts

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If I had to choose, posting meditations and musings on life is probably my favorite kind of blogging. What back in the old days, we used to call “essays.” Fun fact, I actually took an entire course in college on essay writing. It was one of my favorites.

Maybe my online ruminations aren’t inspirational to anyone but me, but I’ll call them “inspirational posts” all the same. What can I say, I like to think. A lot. All writers do. It comes with the trade. Reflecting on life comes so naturally I can no more imagine life without it than I can imagine breathing without air. I’m with Socrates on this one:

The unexamined life is not worth living

And while I haven’t written too many such posts in a while, some of the posts I’m most proud of are in this camp. Since there are so many of these, I won’t comment too much on them, but here are a few you might want to check out if you’re feeling the need for a little inspiration.

inspiration nature

We Are

This is one of the first posts I ever wrote on this site. It’s a riff off of a song from the Spider-man soundtrack if you can believe that. It really resonated with some of the things I was writing about in Into the Vast.

We Are

Everybody Needs a Hero

Heroes are hard to come by these days. Hence the need for better stories. Hence the need for writers who will step up to the plate and swing for the jumbotron. Hence the need for this post.

Everybody Needs a Hero

Books: Architecture of the Mind

Did you know I actually wanted to study architecture at one point? Now I find myself building imaginary worlds. Funny how life works out. In this post I talk about the responsibility of writers to the reading public when it comes to the content of their stories.

Books: Architecture for the Mind

Value of a good book

Another old post wherein I ponder just how much these pulpacious tomes we call “books” are really worth (or should be).

On the Value of Books

On the Particular Temptations of Writers

This one was a two-parter. I link to part 1 below. This is yet another, “Be careful little pen what you write,” sort of post. It’s so important that your vision as an artist be aiming toward the good, the true, and the beautiful. If not, you really should not be writing.

On the Particular Temptations of Writers: Pt 1

Strawberries on the Tundra

A short little essay that’s also a story. This continues a common theme in these posts of the role and responsibility of the author to his readers.

Strawberries on the Tundra

Yo Ho Ho a Writer’s Life for Me

Some thoughts on the ups, downs, and vagaries of the writing life. If you have an author friend in your life you should definitely read this one. Or if you’d just like a glimpse into the life of a writer, you might find this one interesting. (Side note on this one: I had a lot of fun making the pirate flag image for this post, replacing the skull and crossbones with an inkwell and quills. If I ever own a ship I will have to fly that for my flag).

Yo ho ho, a writer’s life for me

And that’s “all she wrote” as my Paw-paw used to say. May you, by God’s grace, find some inspiration somewhere amongst these words.

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