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Ascent is Rising

manuscript news

I have some great news to share today. The last draft for Ascent of the Nebula, the third and final book in The Chronotrace Sequence has been finished and the manuscript sent off to the editor. And while I still have to wait to see what redactorial ramifications ensue, I’m optimistic because this one was my smoothest edit yet. It really did not require a ton of reworking scenes the way the first two did. I hope that means that this story will have a fast track to the printer. We’ll see, though. This writing is a notoriously finicky process.

So what’s up next? A vacation in the Bahamas? Some well deserved R&R in a mountain cabin? A trip to the mini-golf location down the street? A glass of fresh squeezed lemonade? Alas, none of the above. There is no rest for the weary it would seem. I’ll start right in on my next project. What’s that you ask? A short story, actually. And this one is pure fantasy. I wrote it a couple of years ago and just have not had the time to polish it off. It was originally written for publication, but did not get accepted. That means I’m no longer limited by a hard word count so I actually want to expand it a bit. I’ve already got the cover done for it even.

Speaking of covers, the cover for Ascent of the Nebula is also done. You see how hard working and efficient I am? If you ever wonder why there is just not much that gets posted over here, now you know. I do still have to write the jacket and blurb text for the book. I’m also going to go back in put in excerpts in the back of the first two print versions of the series.

So there’s your “quicker than a chronotrace” update for today. Hope you enjoy this one when it comes out.


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  1. Abbey March 5, 2015 at 8:49 pm

    (Lovely alliteration in your first paragraph.)

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