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Booktrack Results

Yesterday I announced that my booktrack for Into the Vast was available and I wanted to share briefly my initial Booktrack results (for more on what Booktrack is, see my original post). Honestly, I didn’t expect a whole lot of response because it was more or less an experiment. But I’ve been thrilled by the amount of attention it’s received. It’s showing up on the front of the Science Fiction section and even on the main page of Here’s a screenshot of the Science Fiction section from the website.

booktrack science fiction

Best. Reviews. Ever.

Pretty cool, eh? Forgive me for being so giddy, but after a summer of, how shall we say…anonymity with my books, just the fact that people are interested in them again is pretty refreshing. The booktrack only features the first two chapters, but several people have left really nice reviews.

A truly gripping introduction. I am a huge fan of dystopian literature and I am already hooked. I look forward to future Booktracks from you!

– Kevin

Amazing story — I am also very curious now as to who Adan is and where he comes from. I can’t wait to read more about this world you’ve created and Adan’s experiences with the esolace.

– Alison

Astounding piece of scifi here. I’m going to look for the complete book.

– Jim

What an enticing beginning to what I can only assume is a thrilling novel. I was instantly drawn in by the mystery of Adan’s past. These scientists are ambiguous– friend or foe? Ally or villain? Is taking his memories worth telepathy? I’m painfully curious now. 🙂 I really like what you did with the soundtrack, the tone of the music was just perfect.

– Lauren

Pretty humbled by these comments. Don’t know what more I can say but a thousand thanks to everyone who checked it out or spread the word. It’s been such a positive experience that I am seriously considering doing one for Jammer and the Blade.

I’ll keep you posted if there are more of these on the way. Until then, if you haven’t already, go check out my Into the Vast booktrack. Hope you have an awesome day reading, writing, or whatever you choose to do.

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Comments (2)

  1. Kamal Kamyab says:

    Hello DJ,

    Great post (thanks to Booktrack RT’ing it) and I really hope you don’t mind me ripping off your wonderful idea of blogging about Booktrack results, because that is what I have done!

    It’s such an encouragement to see your Booktrack doing so well and on the homepage of the site, especially when you mention that its performance beforehand was not fantastic (I was/am in the same boat). Anyway, I saw many similarities between our experiences and, of course, it is always more fun to share success of any kind 🙂

    Kudos and best of luck with the Chronotrace Sequence books.


    • DJ Edwardson says:

      I checked out the post and it sounds like your booktrack is doing great as well. I can totally related to your journey starting out and trying to find your feet in the wide world of publishing. Keep the ink flowing and thanks for stopping by!

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