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curve in the road

Curve in the Road

curve in the road

Life has a way of sending you curves in the road from time to time. And sometimes they’r on roads you deliberately head down, knowing full well the curves are ahead. As I set off down Route 2017, I find myself on the latter. So strap your seat belts on and lets take a look at what’s ahead on the map for the coming year.

I can’t fight this feeling

In my 2016 retrospective, I shared my disappointment at how The Chronotrace Sequence series had been received in terms of sales. What I didn’t share there is that for the longest time I’ve had it in the back of my mind to go back and polish up the first two books to bring them up to par with the third. But I kept putting it off because, well, it’s a major hassle and I preferred to move on to other projects.

I had been wanting to start writing my Super Secret Series instead (if you’ve not heard me mention this series before, it’s a fantasy story about a young hero and features lots of weapons). But with The Last Motley off to a new set of beta readers, it just didn’t seem like a great time to do that. I didn’t want to push pause on the new writing when it came back. So it just seems like now’s the time for that long awaited rewrite. To quote that cheesy 80’s power ballad, “I can’t fight this feeling anymore.”

I actually bit the bullet and started editing Into the Vast the 1st of January. And you know what? I’m really enjoying being back in Adan’s world. Surprisingly, I’m not really changing much. Maybe I’m just blind, but the flaws I’m finding are really minor. At least so far. I’m about a third of the way done so things may change later on, but so far, it’s been pretty smooth sailing.

The plan is to finish editing both books by the end of February and re-release the series later this year.  And here comes the really fun part. I plan on releasing a digital version of the entire series once they are ready. Yep, all three volumes in a single book at a special discounted price. That’s something I think I’ll actually be able to promote and I’m really excited about it.

Chasing invisible dragons

blue dragon racer

No, this artwork has nothing to do with anything I’m writing (unfortunately) but it sure is pretty, eh?

So what about the fantasy novels? I’ve actually gotten feedback from one of the beta readers for The Motley already and…it was pretty much in line with what the first set of beta readers said. Which means that after two editors and half a dozen drafts this book is no closer to being published. Frankly, unless I get some sort of amazing response from the last beta reader I’m not sure what will happen with this book. I don’t want to release something substandard. I may have to put this one on permanent hiatus. Again. Ugh.

But never fear, even if that happens, all it will mean is that I’ll be able to jump in with both feet on the Super Secret Series in February. I haven’t given up chasing invisible dragons. I’m still intent on bringing a fantasy novel to market as soon as possible. If that ‘soon’ is not as soon as I’d like, well, I’m used to driving on curvy roads.

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  1. Best of luck on the Into the Vast and sequel edits! Sounds exciting. 🙂 I hope that continues to go well, and a special set of the series sounds pretty cool. 🙂 Sorry to hear that about The Last Motley though! o.o I hope the rest of your writing will go well too. Best wishes on your curved road this year and I hope it will straighten out for you! <3

    • DJ Edwardson says:

      Thanks, Deborah. This set is my “Lord of the Rings” I guess. It’s really meant to be read straight through as one continuous narrative so I’ve wanted to do this for a while now.

      As for The Last Motely, I may end up releasing it in the end, it will just move down the priority list, probably after I finish the first draft of my new series.

      Hope you’re road gets you where you need to go this year as well!

  2. Jenelle says:

    I’m sorry Motley is giving you so much trouble. Partially that is a selfish sentiment, because I really want to read the final version.

    Curves in roads can be frustrating… but also exciting. You never know what might lie lurking around the bend!

    The super secret fantasy series sounds quite intriguing.

    Best of luck with your revisiting of the Chronotrace Sequence.

    • DJ Edwardson says:

      Thanks Jenelle. I’m sure it will all sort itself out soon enough. That’s one of the things about curves, they go by pretty quickly and you’re back on the straight flat road again.

  3. I’ve been coughing since Nov. 1 – and may finally be getting better – but it’s been a huge chunk with not a lot of polished writing going on, and I know how that feels.

    Good luck getting yourself restarted and reoriented – then full speed ahead.

    If The Motley isn’t working for you or your beta readers the way you want it to, have you tried checking out the structure?

    I always found that, when things got stuck a bit, what I needed was a book on X (whatever the sticking point was), and then the writing would get going again. A bit of external feedback – but not from a human reading my work (I’m not good with that kind of feedback). Just some new ideas. I use The Fire in Fiction (Donald Maass) for upping the tension, and reread my copies of Save The Cat sections on structure (I know it’s for screenwriters, but structure and story are similar).

    And, when I’m procrastinating (okay, like today – because I’m not sure I’m well yet), I allow myself to do so, but only by reading a book which might help.

    I’ll get there, but it’s tricky getting restarted.

    • Two more that I just dragged off my shelf: Writing the Blockbuster Novel, Albert Zuckerman, and Writing the Breakout Novel, Donal Maass.

      Zuckerman shows you how Ken Follett worked with him to improve The Man from St. Petersburg, which I’ve never read, but which comes to life very nicely from drafts. The comments about how and why changes came about are the good part. Suggestions which seem obvious aren’t until you hear them. I learned a lot – and avoided tons of mistakes and rewrites.

      • DJ Edwardson says:

        Oh, Alicia, you’re so helpful! Thank you for all the suggestions. I will definitely check some of those out. The Zuckerman one sounds particularly interesting.

        I flip back and forth on the Motley. It’s not that the feedback has been bad, it’s just, I don’t know, maybe my expectations are too high. I think giving it some time might help as well. Hope you get over your coughing soon! God bless you!

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