Good Things Come to Those Who Wait -
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Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

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Ah, the best laid plans of mice and authors…Sometimes things just don’t turn out the way you had planned. Take for example putting your kids to bed. It’s almost always a struggle. Brush your teeth, get your pajamas on. It’s the same thing every night. And yet the kids just never want to do it, dragging their feet every step of the way. (Maybe this is just my kids. As a parent, your mileage may vary)

One night, my youngest daughter, who has a particular gift for putting things in her own unique way, shot back at me when I knocked on her door to remind her for the umpteenth time to move things along with getting into her pajamas, “Good things come to those who wait!”

And that phrase popped into my head when I sat down to share the news that Through the Viscera will not, in fact, be releasing tomorrow on May 6th, as originally scheduled. Several editing issues came up at the last minute and I realized that it would be best to push the release back a week than to launch the book in its current state. This is disappointing, but not earth shattering. Hopefully this is just a part of the growing pains of being a new author and trying to juggle so many balls in the air at once.

The new release date will be May 13th, so never fear, good books come to those who wait (and you don’t even have to get your pajamas on to read them, how great is that?)

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