Great Expectations - Starting my writing adventure

Great Expectations

Well, the site is off the ground, but where do we go from here? First a few thoughts on writing and posting information on the internet and the kinds of things you’re likely to find here if you frequent this site.

I do not plan on posting copious amounts of musings and live-wire impressions about the last thought that happened to boil through my brain. This is not a journal, but more of a bulletin board. So news, interesting bits of information, and big picture milestones will have their day, but the minutiae I’ll leave to the Lilliputian’s.

So with that disclaimer out of the way let’s kick the tires a bit. Since my first book features several imaginary high-tech devices, I thought I’d share something that is also still fictional but may very soon become a reality (2013 is the scheduled release date). I’m speaking of the product of a partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Silver Arrows Marine, the “Granturismo”.


Part car, part boat, and all future, if the final product is anything like this concept art, the 14-meter phenomenon will be a sight to behold. Of course the price will doubtless push it out of the grasp of the huddled masses, but I still believe we do well to appreciate fine skill, design, and craftsmanship like this wherever we find it.

Even though the world is often difficult and broken and marred, it is encouraging to see that humanity has not lost its penchant for creativity and imagination. We still carry that divine spark within us.

So here’s to hoping that one day, we’ll all be able to ride in cars or hovercraft or interstellar transports that look something like this…vehicle. To call it a mere ‘boat’ somehow doesn’t seem to do it justice.

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