It's a Jungle Out There -

It’s a Jungle Out There

As a first-time author, it is not easy to create awareness about your book. Sometimes what you write gets lost in the kudzu. But with the advent of ebooks and online stores, there are some great ways you can support your favorite authors on I recently came across a great article by fellow author Alex Albrinck entitled, The Best Way To Help Your Favorite Authors.

If you don’t have time to read the whole article, I’ll highlight two of the quickest and easiest ways here.

1. Like the book on its Amazon product page.

I confess that before I read this article this it never even occurred to me to like any product on Amazon. But it makes sense and it’s just as easy as liking something on Facebook. The button is right up near the book’s title and it will help the book show up in searches on Amazon’s site.

2.  Agree with the tags associated with the product.

This will take a few more clicks, but this again will help people find the book when they are doing searches for “science fiction” or “high tech” etc. The more people who agree with these tags, the more weight Amazon will give to your book in search results.

So whether it’s Into the Vast or the latest book by any other author, just a few seconds is all it takes to help an author’s book get noticed. So go out and support a few authors today because it’s a jungle out there.

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