The Journey Through the Viscera Begins -
through the viscera cover

The Journey Through the Viscera Begins

through the viscera coverI’m excited to announce that Through the Viscera is finally here! You can pick up a copy in either paperback or Kindle format by clicking either of these links:

Through the Viscera (paperback)

Through the Viscera (Kindle)

Adan’s journey continues in this story in ways that I hope you’ll find unexpected, but also which resonate with what our troubled hero has been through up to this point.

Without ruining the story, I’d like to say that in this tale I take the world of the Vast to some unexplored depths (literally). I don’t promise to answer all the questions that were raised in the first book, but Adan will start to put together some of the pieces of the puzzle.

I hope you’ll read this story because it’s a story that is about more than just the technology and action and exotic environments. It’s a story about human frailty and human weakness and how man’s desire to be the “measure of all things” ultimately makes him a slave to that very same weakness which he is striving to overcome, and unfortunately, it is a weakness which is present in all of us.

At the same time, this story offers hope that no matter what happens, courage and sacrifice, friendship and love, are always the answer in the face of evil and tragedy. God will provide, often despite, and sometimes even because of, the tragedies we face. It’s a hard truth, but knowing the truth is always preferable to believing a lie.

Happy reading. I hope you enjoy this new book. And I’ll see you in the Viscera!

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