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books the architecture of the mind

Lectures: Books, the Architecture of the Mind

books the architecture of the mind

This is the third and final installment in what I’m calling my “Lewolkien Trilogy”, a series of talks given at Lewolkien 2018.  The talks cover my thoughts on art, writing, faith, and culture, and the intersection of those area.

This talk, entitled, Books, the Architecture of the Mind, is probably the most personal. It’s my attempt to synthesize what I discussed in Art of Faith and Lewis and Tolkien on Story. It’s also the shortest of the three, but no less packed with truth.

Before we get started, a few notes:

  • The original lecture was delivered on March 3rd, 2018.
  • It was subsequently re-recorded at my home as the original recording was too poor.
  • Some of the ideas were originally inspired my post, Books, Architecture for the Mind.

I hope you enjoy this and maybe even learn to see reading and writing in a new light.


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