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jots and tittles

Jots and Tittles #4: Lewolkien at Rugby

I’m headed to my third Lewolkien conference to discuss Lewis and Tolkien and kick about in history Rugby Tennessee, home to a library from the 19th century that time forgot.

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medieval research swords castles knights

Swords, castles, and knights, Oh, my! A reluctant scholar’s guide to medieval research

Armor up, and let’s get to fightin’! In this guider for medieval research for writers we’ll look at some great resources for learning about castles, sword fighting, and medieval life.

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into the spiderverse miles morales in black suit

Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse review

Is this movie faithful to who Spider-man is, especially with the whole multiverse mashup going on? Hold on to your web lines and get ready to swing into the Ultimate Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse review!

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Best books of 2018

The Last Motley makes the lists: Best Books of 2018

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are beginning the new year with renewed hopes and…

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binoculars exploration

Looking back: Year six in the books

Join me as I take a look back on year six in the books. Some good things happened. And I am oh, so grateful for them. But even in the failures, I learned important things.

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Mercy and Truth book review

Mercy and Truth deserves to be read by everyone. No matter your age, you will be the richer for listening to the musings of an ancient educator.

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Gitano Wedding book cover

A Gitano Wedding-and you’re invited!

Christmas is coming early for fans of The Last Motley. I have a special offer today, a free short story entitled, A Gitano Wedding!

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lego explorer writing adventures

My my next writing adventure: The Lay of the Glaives

A new writing adventure is on the horizon. It has only just begun, but I hope you’ll join me and we’ll see where the road takes us.

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