Nightstand Books #14 -
robin hood and my antonia

Nightstand Books #14

robin hood and my antonia

Oh my, I’m doing the Alice in Wonderland rabbit trick this week, running a little late on my Nightstand post. They are supposed to go out on the first Wednesday of the month, but this week I’ve been fairly frazzled with home improvement projects. I barely noticed the calendar change, that’s how out of it I’ve been.

Never fear, however, as I’ve been back in the reading saddle of late having finished three, count ’em three books in the last month (okay so the picture is a bit off, I’ll explain that in a bit). The fact that my family is on vacation without me and I’m feeling pretty lonely has had nothing to do with my new found time for reading- no siree. It’s just that I’m that dedicated you see. Ok, whatever, so three books may not be really all that much for most people. But when they put you in the slow group for reading in the third grade it’s quite an accomplishment to achieve this brisk and rarified air.

I finished Little Women first and it was wonderful. That was my first time ever reading that book if you can believe it, but it well was worth the wait. I even wrote a review about it if you’d like to know my full thoughts on that classic.

From there I leapt, nay, verily, I flew as if an arrow from the bowstring straight into Robin Hood by Robert Lancelyn Green. I thoroughly enjoyed that one from the first knocking of the arrow to the last pegging of the bullseye. I’ve written a review on that one as well, so be sure to check that out if you’re interested to see how I fared with Robin and his Merry Men.

Lastly, I just finished A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. This is certainly one of the best science fiction works I have read. This one was extremely compelling and imaginative, evocative of a very motherly sort of world. Cuts itself off a bit short, but what’s there is so good I can’t complain.

I had thought to try My Antonia next as a friend gave it to me a while back, but then Five Enchanted Roses came in the mail. I got my copy of this collection of Beauty and the Beast retellings after I took this photo so I’ll probably feature it on the next edition of Nightstand, but suffice it to say that already in the first few pages I’m hooked. Really looking forward to the rest of this one.

Finally, in case you were wondering, I read Little Women and A Princes of Mars on the Kindle so the above picture not a perfect match to what I have been reading. Kindles and Nightstands aren’t exactly a perfect match. I plan on getting hard copies of both of those books, though, as they are just that wonderful.

And that’s all I’ve got for this month’s glance at the nightstand. How about you? Anything amazing made it’s way onto your nightstand lately. If so, do share!

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  1. Ooh, I read A Princess of Mars a while back and found it fantastic! Especially when you consider the time period in which it was written… automobiles were fairly new, airplanes were things of carnival acts and very few passengers, and space travel had barely been conceived of. Even the idea that gravity on a different planet would be different… Burroughs was quite ahead of his time. I thought it was interesting to see that he is where a lot of the ideas about aliens and space travel originated!

    • DJ Edwardson says:

      I totally agree. It felt so real, so authentic. The different customs and societies were fascinating and the whole atmosphere generator and telepathic powers and exotic creatures. It was a scifi feast to be sure and made all the more compelling by the fact that it was written so long ago. Truly a pioneering book.

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