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book store rainy day quote

Quote: book stores and rainy days

Cinnamon ice cream and pumpkin pie, baseball and summer, Batman and Robin. There are certain combinations that just bring out the best in each other, where the sum is so much greater than the parts. And reading and rainy days are one of those.

However, this little quote I found shows that there can be a danger to this serendipitous synergy. For the combination of book stores and rainy days may work to our disadvantage. Those of us without deep pockets may do well to tread lightly when ducking in from popup showers. For if we should stumble into a bookshop on some moist afternoon, we might find ourselves leaving somewhat poorer. So caveat lector!

“Coming into a bookstore when it’s raining is like grocery shopping when you’re hungry.”


book store rainy day quote

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  1. Jenelle November 4, 2016 at 9:31 pm

    It’s too true!

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