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Quote: We call it ‘going bad’ in Narnia

Just a short post today to share a quote I hope you’ll enjoy.

C.S. Lewis is probably the author I enjoy quoting the most and this is one of my favorites. This particular C.S. Lewis quote comes from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and it’s given in response to the governor of the Lone Islands in his defense of the slave trade. Though it’s a fictional exchange, like most of Lewis, it’s also just plain old fashioned common sense. I find that this sort of response is useful in thinking about many of the so-called “advancements” that people argue for today.

“But that would be putting the clock back,” gasped the Governor. “Have you no idea of progress, of development?”

“I have seen them both in an egg,” said Caspian. “We call it ‘going bad’ in Narnia…”

cs lewis progress quote from prince caspian

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