The site has gone mobile -
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The site has gone mobile

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Another mid-week update and the biggest news is that the site is now mobile friendly. I had thought this would require a lot of effort and probably a retheming of the site, but I did a little backend work on Monday and voila, the mobile site was born. Apparently Google is going to penalize you in the future if your site doesn’t play nice with the wee little phones all the hip kids seem to be using these days, so I thought I’d better hunker down and protect my 20 millionth on

iphone mobiles screenshot djedwadson

Screenshot of the new page in all its minute glory. Shiny.

So, besides that public service announcement, I have a few other, more writing based updates for you. I have a couple more beta readers for Ascent of the Nebula on board hopefully. I never know until I actually get the feedback with new beta readers if they are going to stick it out until the end. I’ve probably had more not follow through with a promise to give feedback than have so we’ll see.

The second draft of my fantasy novel The Last Motley (that image for the mobile version features artwork inspired by that book) is close to half way done and I am still finding this one a breeze and a joy to edit. I’m making so few changes that the manuscript practically edits itself. Oh, the joys of writing with an outline! Not that I didn’t use one for the Chronotrace Sequence books, but it was just not as well developed as the one for The Motley. Plus I didn’t have to invent so many technologies, that probably helps.

Finally, I created a page for Into the Vast over at Never heard of booklaunch? I hadn’t either. But if you’re an author who wants to create a slick page for your book you might give them a try. It was dead easy to do and probably took only ten minutes. Not sure what I’m going to do with it, but you can never have too many web pages I always say!


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  1. Jenelle Leanne April 16, 2015 at 11:02 pm

    Congrats on getting your site mobile! Now it can travel anywhere, and it’s so easy to pack up and take with you at a moment’s notice.

    Whenever Ascent is ready for beta readers, just send it on over. I’m done with Stone Curse and have reading time again.

    I decided to do a more in-depth outline for my current WIP and I think it’s really going to help. I’ve done outlines before, but this one is serious. It feels strange to see the story all planned out by chapter before it’s even written. It’s a lot easier to do on a story I’ve thought about for so long before starting the writing process. I’m sure there will be things that change as I write, but still, hopefully this will also help keep the ever-lurking-and-ready-to-pounce writer’s block at bay.

  2. DJ Edwardson April 17, 2015 at 7:49 pm

    Ha ha, yes, packing up my site will certainly be very practical. But first, I guess I’ll have to invest in some online luggage.

    Yeah, outlines are great. They’re not hard and fast and surprising things can still come through, but they keep you from floundering around like some kitten chasing a laser pointer around the room.

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