The Last Motley paperback now available! -
last motley on shelf

The Last Motley paperback now available!

last motley now available

Today is a special day. The Last Motley paperback is officially available to the public. Three years in the making, this is a stand alone fantasy novel of some 400 pages that have been poured over with a great deal of authorial love.

A special thank you to my editors, Alex and Nadine, my beta-readers, Jenelle, Abbey, and Elizabeth, and my proofreaders, Matthew and my wife. A lot of hands have touched this work and I could not have gotten it to print without them.

A family affair

Much like my science fiction series, The Chronotrace Sequence, this story features an unlikely hero, a simple tailor named Roderick Devinson whose chance encounter with a magical motley sends him on a quest to save the world from imminent darkness.

Motleys are dangerous beings, at least danger seems to follow in their wake. But when it becomes apparent that Roderick’s help is needed to end the motley threat, he sets out on a world-spanning journey with little more than his tailor’s cloak, a small knife, a tender heart, and the conviction that it’s the right thing to do

But this story is about more than just magic and adventure. This story as about, first and foremost, two things:

  1. The importance of family
  2. How God inspires us with ideas and visions and how the inspiration can be misused.

I sometimes refer to this novel as my Ode to family. Roderick is really who I wish I was as a father and husband. In a world of flawed anti-heroes, and corrupt and selfish real world ones, I hope that he will be an example of what happens when we treat others with respect, honor, and kindness.

Other themes the book touches on are adoption, greed, and prayer. Sprinkled among these you’ll find monsters, dungeons, magic portals, roguish gypsies, an ancient artifact, an abandoned island, and a dash of humor.

A thing of beauty

But there’s even more. Another reason I’m exited about this novel is because I love fantasy books. They allow for the kind of imaginative world building and invention that brings out all the best in fiction. They take us outside ourselves and show us a world that is more real than our own. A place where courage, sacrifice, and loyalty can shine like lighthouses in the storms of our lives, leading us on to a brilliant and better country.

Beyond the stories inside them, fantasy books are among some of the most beautiful ever printed. There is a level of care and craft that often goes into their printing far beyond that received by books in other genres. They have maps, sometimes artwork, sometimes ornate lettering. For me, a good deal the fun of reading fantasy books is the artistry which surrounds the story. Yet another reason I prefer print books to digital.

So I took extra time to make this book feel special. There is a map which I drew by hand and then converted to digital format which I will be talking about in another post. (A map deserves its own post, I think). There is ornate lettering and graphic dividers throughout.

I want this to be a book you’ll be proud to own and hold and keep on your shelves.

If you’re wondering just what’s inside, here’s a little taste from the first page:

last motley sample page

When you hold this book in their hands, I want you to know that it was created with love.

The adventure begins now!

So if this sounds like a book you’d be interested in reading, the adventure begins today. The book is  currently available online at and I hope to roll it out select bookstores and libraries in the coming months.

last motley on shelf

Get your copy

Come join me on the most colorful magical adventure you’ll read all year. And I hope you’ll come to love it as much as I have.

Author DJ Edwardson's seal of approval



Comments (3)

  1. Deborah O'Carroll December 12, 2017 at 12:27 pm

    Hurray! So exciting! 😀

  2. Abbey Stellingwerff December 27, 2017 at 11:52 am

    Oh, DJ, I’m so proud!! The Last Motley is finally here! *cue applause* I can’t wait to read the finished story and see the map that you’ve made and all of the other little details that have gone into the book. Congratulations!

    • DJ Edwardson December 27, 2017 at 12:57 pm

      Thanks, Abbey. I know this book would not have been the same without your helpful and encouraging comments. I’m so thankful that it is finally available to the public. May God do with it what he wills.

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