Vanilla Twilight

One of the things I love about reading a good book is that sense of the transcendent which a story can give us. When I think of something transcendent, I think of something that stops you in your tracks, makes you look at the world anew, like you’re seeing something for the first time. Something that evokes wonder.

You put down your cell phone and stop what you’re doing or you pull over on the side of the road and put the car in park and just stare or listen. It may be a stream, a sunset, a child playing in the grass, but you realize that something amazing or beautiful was happening and you don’t want to miss it.

There is a wonderful music video which I think captures that sense of otherworldliness. The words are meant to be romantic, but they are abstract enough that they could express any sort of longing for something wonderful. It’s beautifully shot and takes place in winter when the world has slowed down. Indeed the people in the various scenes all move to the slow rhythm of the wonder which has seized them.


It’s a curious thing, this thing called Life. So go out and look at the trees, gaze up at the stars, or stare in awe at your hands and fingers. For both you and the world around you were fearfully and wonderfully made.

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  1. Jenelle January 6, 2014 at 9:36 am


    Funny story: I went skiing in the Cascade mountains a couple of weeks ago, and the transcendent beauty of the view just about killed me (as stopping in your tracks to gaze at the scenery on the middle of a steep slope is neither easy nor recommended).

    • DJ Edwardson January 6, 2014 at 9:51 am

      I guess you were testing out the phrase, “If looks could kill!”

      I’ve never been to the cascades but snowy mountains are certainly one of the most arresting things in all of creation.

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