Blogging is marvy: How I became a fan -

Blogging is marvy: How I became a fan


When I first started this website, I just wanted a place to share information about my writing and have a few links to my books. I didn’t really like the idea of blogging. I didn’t read any blogs and considered them a vast wasteland of frivolous musings. If I wanted to read something “real” I’d go get a book. Or if I was really desperate an online article from some respected source. When I launched this site, I didn’t tell people I had a blog. It was a website thank you very much. But over the years, I’ve had a change of heart and I have to say blogging has become my favorite thing to do short of the writing I do for publication. And yes, I’ve even come to enjoy reading posts from some of the many talented and wonderful bloggers out there.

Writing is writing is writing

What changed my mind? Probably the most important factor is that I’ve come to realize writing a blog post is the closest thing to actual writing itself. I say “actual writing” but really blogging is real writing, what I mean is that I generally don’t pen things here that are intended for publication. I pour a lot into what I write here in a way that’s similar to what ends up in my books. Each post is a sort of mini-publishing event, but I don’t put forth the same level of editing, outlining, and agonizing that generally goes into my other work.

I would write more blog posts if I had the time. Then again I’d write more novels if I had the time, too. But the point is that I do so enjoy jotting down little musings over here. I recently read an interview with an author who talked about how she preferred writing for her blog over all other social media and I would definitely concur. Facebook, Twitter, and the rest feel pretty random and superficial to me. I can almost never say what I want to say in 144 characters and for whatever reason people don’t seem to interact with what I share in other mediums. Which is fine by me. Most of what I share there is just a reposting of what I share here first.

blogger jeans

This site has been going since 2012 (so about 4 years at the time of this writing). This is my 292nd post (maybe I’ll have to do something special for #300), so that’s almost a post and a half a week. That’s an awful lot of writing. In honor of my “graduation from blogging college” (with a major in The Esoteric and a minor in Eccentricity) I decided to go back and skim through the entire list of everything I’ve posted. In doing so I noticed that most of the posts fell into one of several categories.

  • Series on a certain topic or theme
  • Personal news
  • Inspirational musings
  • Lists (i.e 10 of this, 5 of that, etc)
  • Reviews of books & movies
  • Collaborations with other authors
  • Thoughts on writing & my work
  • Quotes (usually with a poster graphic)

Skipping the light stochastic

Looking back over these posts was a little like meeting old friends at an unexpected bend in the road. And it occurred to me that the vast majority of it is sitting in a cess pool at the bottom of google’s merciless algorithms. So here is what I propose to do. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to go back through each of these categories and highlight two or three posts of that sort that I am particularly fond of. And then I’ll make a few remarks about why it holds a special place in my memory. Call this my “graduation thesis” if you will.

So here I am blogging about blogging. So meta. But hopefully you’ll enjoy roving back over these memories with me. Might feel a bit random to some, but who knows, we may find some hidden gems!

How about you? How many blogs do you read? If you’re a blogger how often do you write? Is it a chore? A joy? Somewhere in between? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. J. L. Mbewe August 19, 2016 at 5:19 pm

    Oh, it will be interesting to see what gems you find! I enjoy blogging and reading other blogs as well. Unfortunately, trying to balance life and writing, I find that I’ve had to cut back on many of the things I loved to do. But I won’t completely cut out blogging. 🙂 I will, however, cut back to once a week or twice a month. Especially now that I am having to reenter the workforce. We shall see. Everything is up in the air. But I will be diligently typing away at book 3 in the meantime.

    • DJ Edwardson August 20, 2016 at 8:20 am

      Yes…time. It must be spent wisely. Keep plugging away at that book. That and your family are what counts most. But I’ll eagerly be reading what you write online when it does come!

  2. Jenelle August 19, 2016 at 5:26 pm

    🙂 So meta. But fun 🙂 I will enjoy seeing what you come up with from your past posts.

    I love blogging, for all the reasons you mentioned. And it is sad to know that some of those posts may never be read again now that they’re marinating in the recesses of my blog (and googles algorithms, but they may not even be on google algorithm radar at this point, they’re so old).

    Major in Esoteric and a Minor in Eccentricity! Hahahahaha, that’s fantastic!

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