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50 reasons to love The Last Motley

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It’s a sale! Yes, for the rest of this week, The Last Motley ebook is on sale for 99 cents.

Get your copy of The Last Motley!

It’s already had quite a few downloads, rocketing it up to #4 in Christian Fantasy. What is especially rewarding to me, as a deep admirer of C.S. Lewis is to see my book right alongside his on the bestseller chart. Yes, sir, that is indeed his novel, Til We Have Faces just behind mine at #5!


Seriously, how incredible is that?

Reasons to love the Motley

So, if you have not read it, or if you have and you know someone who needs a little nudge, here’s my attempt to get you to take a chance on this little gem of a story.

In honor of the sale, I present to you, 50 reasons why you should love The Last Motley as much as I do.

You should love The Last Motley because…

  1. It’s a beautiful story about a father’s love for an orphaned child
  2. It’s original (this is not your typical swords and sorcery fare)
  3. It’s got mystery
  4. It’s unpredictable
  5. There is danger every step of the way
  6. It’s funny
  7. The main character always tries to do the right thing
  8. He also says, “Oh, buttons,” a lot
  9. It’s colorful
  10. It’s clean, i.e.—
  11. No profanity
  12. No gore
  13. No sensuality
  14. It’s got a map! Yes, even in the digital version
  15. It’s got a 4.6 star rating on Amazon
  16. It’s got a 4.6 star rating on Goodreads
  17. Reviewers say it’s “poginant”
  18. “Epic”
  19. “Breathtaking”
  20. “Heartwarming”
  21. “Wonderful”
  22. “Imaginative”
  23. Reminiscent of Tolkien
  24. And Lewis
  25. And George MacDonald
  26. And Madeleine L’Engle
  27. And Lloyd Alexander
  28. “Excellent”
  29. “Wry”
  30. “Whimsical”
  31. “Amazing”
  32. “Well-written”
  34. “Exciting”
  35. “Unique”
  36. “Surprisingly emotional”
  37. “Inventive”
  38. “Appropriate for all ages”
  39. Here are some quotes form some of the lovely reviews: “The Last Motley is a journey across a multi-landscaped world, with a colorful cast of unique and interesting characters, on a quest which is highly original, with many twists upon the way.”
  40. “This is a family story. It’s about love, and friendship, with a well rounded kaleidescope of relationships ranging from father and son, to the friendships between each character, to just a tad of romance on the side later on. There’s basically four generations here which I only just realized as I wrote this, which is very different. I think people of all ages would enjoy it.”
  41. “The world is so rich and the terrain changed seamlessly—from villages, forests, bare hills, a humongous river, and a starlit coastline, to warm inns, colorful cities, a sort of mafia gypsy camp, castle dungeons, and a nighttime rain-forest. Yup, this book’s got all those things and more.”
  42. “…it’s for anyone who loves a grandly told, beautiful tale with ribbons of truth weaved though it.”
  43. “I am so very glad that I found this book. The Inklings, the literary group that included C. S. Lewis and J. R. Tolkien among its members, would have gladly welcomed D. J. Edwardson into their group. He has continued the great legacy of Christian fantasy in a very successful way. Great read! I’m glad this is a trilogy–I’ll have something to look forward to when the other two installments are released.”
  44. It’s familiar and new all at once. It feels like a classic sort of fantasy tale, while at the same time being quite unique and not at all what you’d think!”
  45. It’s a wonderful journey/quest going on, and somehow manages to feel familiar but surprising at once, like the best fantasy tales. There’s a lingering mystery to it all too, which was fascinating, and the conclusion is very exciting!”
  46. There was a depth and strength to the story, with themes of faith and especially of family woven throughout. Roderick has a strong faith, which was wonderful to see evident throughout the book in his simple trust and prayers. LOVED those parts.”
  47. “One of the strongest things I got out of it was the focus on family. I LOVED that. You don’t get a lot of fantasy books (or, well, books in general) focusing on family this much.”
  48. Edwardson is an amazing storyteller. Tight, clean prose. Descriptions are well done. The setting and the characters all came alive for me.”
  49. The fantasy world of Arinn was fascinating, and I felt instantly at home there. I want to see more of it! It was a joy traveling through it with the characters—I felt so much a part of its hills and forests and rivers etc. It felt so colorful (appropriately so) and alive and just—I don’t know! It’s very homey (despite the inevitable dangers of such worlds. ;)) and I love it!”
  50. “The writing is another one of my favorite things about this book. It’s clever and funny by turns, and the little comparisons or twists of phrase lent it an air of whimsical, wry humor, which I absolutely adored. I often enjoy the writing in books, but this one had an extra something special.”

Phew! If you read all these, congratulations! You have my seal of approval (found just below). And I hope you enjoy the story!

Get your copy of The Last Motley!


Author DJ Edwardson's seal of approval

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  1. Jenelle says:

    Yay! Next to Till We Have Faces is AWESOME!!!

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