Back from the brink -

Back from the brink


Ever wonder if you’re headed in the right direction? For four years I’ve been blazing a path into the literary world, dropping little breadcrumbs as I go in case others should choose to follow. And many is the time I’ve second guessed the paths I’ve taken. This summer in particular has been something of a soul-searching sabbatical. I’ve been considering just where this is all headed. I’ve done no regular writing or editing (at least of my own work) for a few weeks now. And I think the time off has done me good. I’m itching to get back in the saddle.

Take up and write

So what has changed? Well, I first off, I got back the second round of critiques for The Last Motley, and the comments were not as gushing as I’d hoped (why do I always get my hopes up?). More like, “the main characters need some work,” “a few cloudy moments with the plot,” and “a bit more descriptiveness, please.” But the nice thing about this critique (it wasn’t actually a full edit) was that I could tell that the editor cared. And that makes such a difference. “Faithful are the wounds of a friend.” It’s easier to take criticism when you can sense the other person is trying to help you, not just in a rush to move on to the next editing project.

And another positive turn was that a couple of people wrote really nice reviews for The Chronotrace Sequence during the last couple of weeks. One of them was sent to me privately, but I got to read it and that’s what matters.

The last encouraging moment came to me recently when I was going through my folder of “nuggets” (those wild-eyed ideas for stories that pop into my head). I don’t know how many of them there are, there must be at least fifty. As I skimmed through a few of them I fell in love with those ideas all over again. And it hit me. How am I ever going to write all these novels? Well, they aren’t going to write themselves, that’s for sure. No siree! Time to get crackin’!

Part-time cartogropher

mystery mapSo here I do again. But before I dive head first into the next project, there are a few things I need to finish first.

On this creative journey I’ve worn many hats. Videographer, cover designer, marketer (bleh!) and of course, writer. But did you know I’ve also tried my hand at cartography? (I think the only thing I haven’t done is compose the musical score for my stories—wait, I’ve done that too!)

While I’m not ready to show you the fruits of my labors just yet, I created a map for The Last Motley and this past week I started one for my Super Secret Series (the fantasy tale with lots and lots of weapons). I just love doing this sort of thing. Picking out names of cities and rivers and lakes is such a romp. It gets my creative juices flowing and before you know it, the tea is whistling on the pot and screeching out for some characters to put their boot prints on this cartographical expanse.

The map designing I did came at the end of over a month of tinkering with the outline for what could be a multi-book series (no promises yet, but this story is not one I can tell in a single book, that’s for sure). I’m currently working out the dates for when all of the plot points will occur. I created a similar outline before writing The Last Motley and it payed for itself in spades.

Super Secret Series

The next few “breadcrumbs”

So, enough sabbaticaling, the battle is on. Time to put in the “ink equity” and fire up the imagination press. I’m currently reading a couple of books on the writing craft which I’d like to finish, but after that it will be one last pass (I know I keep saying that) for The Last Motley, and then I’ll start in earnest on the Super Secret Series! I can’t wait!

Hope you enjoyed this little peak into my study. See you between the pages.

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