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Bookish Bits: A Motley short story

Bookish Bits

Oh, my, October has gotten away from me. But I’ll tell you what has not, my writing. I’ve been back writing pretty much daily over the last two months. This is after a long stretch of editing followed by an even longer stretch of plotting and outlining.

I’ve also been doing a little marketing, but as that is hardly bookish, I’ll happily skip over that.

Unruly children

You’ve probably heard the metaphor of authors thinking of their books like children. In many ways it’s very apropos. You spend hours pouring into them. You long to see them succeed. They give you endless joy. And it’s impossible to pick a favorite. Somehow each one of them captures your heart completely, but in different ways. So it is with me.

The Chronotrace Sequence is my elder child (even though it is three books, I think of it as one since it’s basically one story broken into three books, a la Lord of the Rings). Thoughtful, a bit intense at times, but full of bright ideas and originality.

inkwell and quillThe Last Motley is my second child. This one is more innocent, full of promise and wonder and with a big heart. The original plan was for it to be part of a trilogy, and it will be one some day (I actually have books two and three already outlined), but unlike The Chronotrace, it’s a much larger story that spans hundreds of years. So none of the characters from the first book are in the second or third ones.

So the need did not seem as pressing to finish this series as with the first one. I decided to wait and see how the first book fared before making a decision on my next project.

And now, six months later, it’s clear that despite being my most positively reviewed work so far, and some serious efforts at marketing, the commercial appeal of The Last Motley has yet to materialize. So, sort of like making a hard decision with an unruly, though much beloved, child, I’ve decided to move on for now with starting a new series.

A wedding gift

But, as a sort of parting gift for those who did enjoy The Last Motley, I decided to write a short story before moving on to the new series.

This Motley short story is my love letter (in more ways than one) to those who have cheered along with me at the adventures of Roderick, Jacob, Nagan, and Portia.

It’s called, A Gitano Wedding. I think from the title you should have a pretty clear idea of what it’s about!

I will not be releasing it to the general public. It will be available, though, to anyone who has signed up to receive my newsletter.

Newsletter Signup

So look for that, hopefully coming in November. And if you know anyone who has read the book, but not signed up for the newsletter, please pass the above link along to them!

Until next time!

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Comments (2)

  1. Jenelle says:

    I totally understand the decision… but I’m sad that more books in the Nullstone series will require waiting. (As Inigo Montoya so aptly puts it, “I hate wait.”) Alas, such is the life of a book-wyrm. Excited to read the short story, though!!! Yay!!!

    My dad really enjoyed meeting you and your family. He couldn’t say enough about how nice of a visit that was!! They read The Last Motley out loud during the rest of their car trip and all seemed to be loving it when I saw them last week. 🙂

    • DJ Edwardson says:

      Yes, it was such a blessing to meet your dad. Definitely the highlight of my week. I’m glad they’re enjoying the Last Motley. I think it’s so neat that your family reads out loud together like that. If more families did that the world would be a better place!

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