Chronotrace Book 2 Update -

Chronotrace Book 2 Update

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Here’s an update on what’s been going on book-wise with me. Book 2 of the Chronotrace Sequence is currently with my content editor. She’s been pretty covered up, but I think she’s getting close to finishing. I’ve already gotten back some of her edits and they have been great. It’s so important to have a second set of eyes. She spots so many things that I miss like, “Wait, he’s taking of his kaff again? I thought he used it to wrap his wound two pages ago.” Oops! (If you don’t remember what a kaff is, by the way, check out the glossary)

I think I probably already mentioned this but the cover for the book is donions (as a friend of mine says). I just have to write the back jacket text and it’s ready to go. I plan on doing a partial reveal of the cover next week, including revealing the title of the book, which I don’t think anyone would ever guess in a million years (but feel free to in the comments). I kind of waffled on the title actually since I didn’t think it was all that catchy or descriptive, but my editor said to go with it, so that’s what I’m going to do.

I haven’t done a newsletter in a while so I think I’m planning on sending one out within the next couple of weeks and I plan on including the full cover there, so if you’re interested in that sign up if you haven’t already.

Still on the subject of books, but along the reading lines, I’ve actually finished two books so far this month (I’m a really slow reader) Tale of Two Cities (loved it) and Treasure Island (really enjoyed it). I’ll probably post reviews of them sometime soon. I’m currently reading Ender’s Game so I may even finish three books in one month. We’ll see. Probably not.

Coming up, I’ve got an interview with an author friend of mine and another post on movies (sci-fi this time). If there’s something you’d like to see more of on this site (excerpts, thoughts on writing, more book news,  reviews, personal anecdotes, etc) let me know in the comments.


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