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How to not miss out on new releases

Every once in a while I’ll be talking to someone and they’ll ask me if my second book is out and I just want to shake my head. Clearly my high-powered marketing campaigns are not doing their job! (Did you know most writers have to do their own marketing? I didn’t, at least not until I’d already finished my first novel and was in too deep. I did not heed the clearly posted warnings above the door: “Abandon all free time, ye who enter here.”)

Seriously, it has been a struggle to balance time for writing and getting the word out about my books. And when I have to choose between the two (which I often do), writing wins pretty much every time. So when I saw that Amazon had redesigned my author page and added a big enticing button for people to sign up for new releases I almost high-fived my computer screen (but I didn’t, because smudges are evil. Seriously, people touching their computer screens makes me cringe. Does no one else see those things but me?).

The picture below shows just how easy it is to keep up on when a new book is coming out.

make dj edwardson a favorite amazon author

Easy-peezy lemon squeezy, right? But maybe you don’t use Amazon. In that case there’s always my good old fashioned newsletter. I’m trying to send it out on a more regular basis, but not exactly succeeding (see comments on marketing above). However, I always send one out prior to new releases.

And speaking of new releases, I’m currently on the final chapter of Ascent of the Nebula, book 3 in the Chronotrace Sequence. And for this one, I am actually going to be doing pre-orders! It’s still quite a ways off from being published (my goal is spring/summer of 2015), but if you’d like you’ll actually be able to pre-order it before then. I’m excited to see how that works. That will be a first for my books.

Hopefully in my next post I’ll be writing to let you know that Ascent is finished! Until then, keep calm and read on.

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  1. Marketing is evil.

    Thanks for the info about the new Amazon author pages, I hadn’t seen that yet! I must now go investigate. And congrats on being nearly finished with Ascent! I am looking forward to seeing how the series wraps up.

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