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Movie Review for Frozen

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I haven’t done movie reviews on this site before, but I recently saw one that was so delightful that I thought I’d share a few thoughts on it.

I saw Disney’s Frozen this past weekend. My daughter had really been wanting to see this for some time which was rather unusual since she doesn’t typically ask for that sort of thing. But we all loaded up in the mini-van and drove through our decidedly unfrozen suburbs to take in the tale.

And boy what a tale it was.

A Frosted Treat

Based loosely (very loosely) on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen, the movie Frozen felt in some ways both like a fairy tale and yet decidedly down to earth. The magic and wonder are certainly there, but they do not take center stage in the way they do in most modern fairy tales, especially cinematic ones. The central drama is a very human one, a story about two royal sisters and their struggle to grow up in the face of some very difficult circumstances.

frozen sisters elsa and annaI won’t go into the details and spoil the fun for those who haven’t seen it, but I’d use words like sombre, meaningful, and poignant to describe the way the events of this film play out. The two central characters of Ana and Elsa are both incredibly compelling. They both make different choices in response to the difficulties which they face, but inside they are both trying to do what they think is best for the other one. It’s such a refreshing and honest relationship that it drew me into the story and made their struggle to save the world of Arendelle a very personal one. The sisters, and indeed the supporting cast as well, were so very authentic and genuine that it was impossible not to relate to their hopes and dreams and empathize with the pain they go through.

What Disney has done in this film is truly a remarkable achievement. They’ve taken something that would seem outwardly geared towards only those who like animation or fairy tales or princesses and they’ve crafted a story with universal appeal. To be sure the animation is gorgeous and there are balls and charming princes and enchanted creatures aplenty, but at its heart Frozen is a story about what love–true love–is about.

Something to Sing About

The music deserves a special mention as well. It is a delightful element which truly serves to enhance the story. So much so that it’s hard to imagine the film without it. It’s not simply there because “that’s what you do in a Disney movie”, but it’s surprisingly thoughtful and helps show the internal dialogue of what’s going on with the characters much the way that in books writers give readers insight into a character’s thoughts.

The most remarkable musical number by far in this regard is Elsa’s stirring anthem, “Let it Go”, in which her character moves from shaken and afraid into boldly embracing a new direction in her life. It’s a beautiful song, but also leaves the audience with the impression that this new direction might be a little dangerous as well.

So if you love rich, emotional tales, with beautiful animation, strong, memorable characters, and encouraging, even inspiring messages, go see Frozen. It may be set in the icy fjords of Norway, but this is one movie that is sure to warm your heart.

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  1. Jenelle says:

    Okay, I read it because you said there were no spoilers 🙂 very nice movie review – and I seriously do want to see this one. I was extremely impressed with Tangled (it bumped Sleeping Beauty right out of first place in my Disney movie affections, which NEVER happens), so I had high hopes already, especially since I had heard rumblings about this movie being in the works and then cancelled a few years ago and was kinda bummed about it being cancelled. Anyway, I keep hearing lovely reviews, so I simply must see it soon! I wonder how long it’s going to remain in theaters… my 5 year old would probably like to get to go see it…

  2. DJ Edwardson says:

    Glad you decided to check out the review after all. I’m with you on Tangled. It was my favorite until I saw Frozen. My daughter has also moved Frozen to her number one spot previously held by Tangled as well.

    I will say one thing about it though for the five year old crowd of which your daughter is a member. The tone in this movie is pretty serious. There’s nothing traumatic that actually happens (though a handful of scenes present very real threats) but it’s not as light-hearted overall as Tangled (though it has it’s share of fun as well).

    I’d love to hear what you think about it when you do see it. I certainly hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  3. Jenelle says:

    Took Leiana to see it last night 🙂 thanks for pushing me over the edge on it, because WOW it was amazing!!

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