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I have some special news today. My short story, The Artificer’s Apprentice is now free on Amazon! I’m not entirely sure how long it will stay free so make sure you pick up a copy and experience this story while you can.

Up to this point I haven’t really talked much about my stories because I think that it is generally best to read them afresh and let them speak for themselves, but I thought I’d take this occasion to make a few comments about this one, particularly the main character. In doing so, I hope you’ll see that this isn’t simply a “fantasy” story, or a “science fiction” story. In fact, I’m not really sure what genre it really is. Like everything I write, the only description that seems appropriate to me is to say that it is in the genre of the imagination.

So hopefully what I say will not hinder your enjoyment of the story, but if you are at all worried that it might, then by all means go and read it first and come back and read the rest of this when you’re finished.

The story centers around an artificer named Talomai. The name is a form of Ptolemy, the Greco-Roman mathematician, astronomer, and geographer. I think of him as a great mind, someone with incredible gifts, and a master at his profession so the name seemed appropriate.

But beyond his craft and his ability to fashion the incredible marvels which the Artificer’s Guild is capable of creating, this story reveals a very broken and lonely man behind the genius. And for me, that is what is so compelling about this story, Talomai’s journey through pain and loss into a truth and healing. He does not start out seeking that, however. He is more interested in justice, but in his blind pursuit of it, he misses the gift that would have set him free.

I won’t say any more about the story itself, but I’ve read this story out loud twice to my family and both times, I had to fight through tears to finish it. Perhaps all authors are moved in this way by their own work, I’m not sure, but this story really does hold a special place in my heart. And I hope that now that it’s free more people will be able to walk Talomai’s journey with him and discover what is so special about The Artificer’s Apprentice.

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