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martin luther good books quote

Quote: Too many good books?

Here’s a quote that certainly resonates with me. Too many good books? Not so, says Martin Luther. This is one of the reasons why I feel compelled to take up the pen and write.

Here’s the actual Luther quote on books along with a graphic I put together to display it.

There never yet have been, nor are there now, too many good books.

-Martin Luther

martin luther good books quote

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  1. Abbey says:

    That’s a great quote!
    By the way, your last comment came through just fine. For awhile there, I was having trouble commenting on your blog, too. Now, however, the problem seems to be fixed.

  2. Jenelle says:

    Such a good quote. And quite the encouragement to us authors, as well. 🙂

  3. J. L. Mbewe says:


    And hey! Long time! Hope all is well!

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