Scavenger Hunt Details -
31 author scavenger hunt

Scavenger Hunt Details

I’ve got some really exciting news to announce today—the Author Scavenger Hunt! I’ve already mentioned it on Facebook, but today I’d like to share more of the details. So what exactly is an author scavenger hunt? Well, 31 authors have together for a huge giveaway. Each author will be giving away at least two copies of their books and the grand prize winner will receive an iPad mini.

31 author scavenger hunt

How will it work? Well, starting November 30th and through December 6th you can go to any of the authors’ websites and they’ll have a clue for you there. Each page will also have a link to the next author in the promotion. Once you’ve collected all 31 clues from all authors, you’ll then submit the phrase that the clues have spelled out to enter yourself for the final drawing.

First prize will be the iPad mini mentioned and the some or all of the authors involved will also be giving away a digital version of their book to the first place winner as well. The second and third place winners will receive the same prize which is pretty awesome as well: a paperback book from each one of the 31 authors! That’s 31 books, in case your math is a little rusty. So you’ll have plenty to read over the Christmas holidays.

Some of the books you could win!

Some of the books you could win!

But it doesn’t stop there. Several of the authors will also be holding separate giveaways on their sites as well. So if you enter all the giveaways your chances go up that much more for winning.

What’s really exciting, though, is that the list of authors involved is really exceptional. These authors write everything from science fiction and fantasy to comedy, suspense, and historical fiction. But it’s not just the variety. These authors are also writing the kind of positive, inspirational work that showcases the best of what literature has to offer. These authors are really trying to make a difference with their work, to shine a light on the good, the true, and the beautiful and not just put words on a page.

I really hope you’ll participate in this giveaway. And you don’t have to wait until the promotion to start finding out about these authors. Here’s the list of those who are participating. Why not go ahead and check a few of them out right now?

Brock EastmanAlexander MarestaingKaren Whiting, Nancy I. Sanders, Simonetta Carr, Donita K. PaulLB GrahamRobert TreskillardDouglas BondMorgan BusseRachel Starr ThomsenSerena ChaseAmy GreenChris MillerJonathan FriesenRJ LarsonAnne Elisabeth StenglShannon DittermoreKerry Nietz, Jill WilliamsonCA Beninati, JL Mbewe, Matt Mikalatos,Jenelle Leanne Schmidt, Robert LiparuloRonie KendigHeather Burch,James L. RubartEvan AnglerScott Appleton, and Family Fiction

It’s going to be lots of fun, so mark your calendars!

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