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Story and Song

connection between story and songI’ve written before about how much I enjoy writing to music and how the songs I listen to often become the unofficial soundtrack to the words I am putting down, but in the case of my short story, Spirit of Caledonia, music played an even more integral role. The story, if you haven’t read it, was released in February and recently became a free download on where it’s been in the top 20 in science fiction short stories for over a week.

I wrote it in between drafts for Into the Vast. The basic premise of the story was adapted from a song that had been rolling around in my head for many years. It had a haunting melody and similarly haunting lyrics and a strong narrative.

When it came to the setting, I knew I wanted the story to have an Irish/Scottish/Celtic feel to it (in my mind there is a lot of overlap in those three heritages) and so I took the inspiration for that from another song which sings of Caledonia, the ancient name for Scotland. So from these two unrelated songs, the story was born.

By the way, here’s the song which inspired the title. It may or may not be your “kind” of music, but listen to the bagpipes, the melody, and then close your eyes and see if you don’t find that Caledonia is calling you.

Hope you enjoyed these musings on story and song, and I hope when you read Spirit of Caledonia you may hear some of the echoes of the music which inspirited it.

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