Thankful for 2015 -
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Thankful for 2015

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Here in the United States it’s Thanksgiving season. And there is so much I’m thankful for in 2015. Particularly with respect to this website I’d like to give a heartfelt thanks to all of the people who have shown an interest in my work or even just the things I’ve shared here. Writing is a solitary affair, but art doesn’t live in a vacuum. All of you who have bought a book, left a comment on a post, or shared your thoughts in a review have helped make my stories grow.

And while my career up to this point may not be exactly flourishing or yielding a bumper crop, the seeds are out there and I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful that I live in a time and a place where creative expression is so accessible possible. It is such a privilege to be able to bring things that exist only in my head out onto paper and connect with far flung readers or those right next door. And it’s a privilege that I don’t take for granted.

A grab bag of gratitude

Apart from being thankful for authorial things, here are a few others I’m thankful for.

  1. My family (okay, kind of obvious, but it needs to be said). They are the quiet in the storm of life, even though sometimes I don’t appreciate them the way I should.
  2. Misty mountains. No, I don’t live in Middle Earth, but I do live in a part of the country in which I regularly get to drive through enchanted landscapes goblins and fairies lurk just beyond my field of vision.
  3. Laptop computers. Ok, this is probably a writing thing again, but seriously. I can write novels in bed! Or at a gas station! Or a cafe! Or at the parking lot of a soccer practice! (and yes, I have done all of the above and more). What a blessing.
  4. Music. Oh, how I love music. This year has been a bit of a renaissance for me musically discovering some wonderful new artists and songs. I use music for my writing, when I play games, while I’m driving. It’s so wonderful to be able to let rhythms and melodies take me soaring.
  5. God. His truth is so deep, his grace so unfathomable, and his holiness so overwhelming that I cannot help but be thankful to know the most fascinating, wonderful, awe-inspiring person in the universe.

Well, those are just a few of the things I’m thankful for. I could list a hundred more, but I think it’s time I go and enjoy some of these blessings. What about you? What will you be thankful for during this Thanksgiving season?

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