The Jammer and the Blade -

The Jammer and the Blade

Jammer and the Blade science fiction book

For Sun li the Code is more than a way of fighting; it’s a way of life. Truth, honor, faith: these are the true strengths of a warrior. But her beliefs are not enough to save her father from the wasting disease ravaging their planet.

The only hope for a cure lies in the hands of an underworld insider, whose price requires Sun li to follow him into a war between drone armies and cybernetically enhanced humans. There, she’ll need more than her energy blades and the Code to survive. Saving her father, and herself, may be a test of faith beyond anything she could have imagined. As the Code teaches, sometimes the most difficult battles we fight are the ones we face within.

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  1. […] man in this clip reminds me somewhat of how I picture Zhang, a character in my recent novella, The Jammer and the Blade). And my hope is that this video or something I have written here might inspire you to some act of […]

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