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songs for writing

Top 5 Songs to Write to #5

songs for writing

I always write to music. I write on a laptop so I always have a selection of songs at the ready, but there are really only a handful that I typically write to. Usually it will be an album, but sometimes it will just be a single song on repeat.

I only use instrumental music. I think words would be too distracting. But not just any instrumental music will do, it pretty much has to be from a soundtrack. I’ve always loved soundtracks, even before I was writing regularly. There’s something complete about them that isn’t true of other albums. One song seems to flow into the next in a cohesive unity that helps capture the drama of the story, carrying you off with its epic, sweeping melodies and haunting rhythms.

I tend to put a fair bit of action into my stories and I find that listening to stirring music helps me get more in the mood to write those sorts of scenes, but the music doesn’t have to exactly match the scene I’m writing. It usually fades into the background as I write so that I am not consciously aware of it, but in some way it still provides fertile soil for the authorial mind.

Despite what I said about soundtrack songs working together to form a single, multi-faceted work of art, there is usually one or more songs that stand out as particularly emblematic of the movie or show they are from. And so I though I’d pick from my absolute favorite songs to write to and share them with you.

Music is such a personal thing, I cannot guarantee you will find these songs as compelling as I do, but I hope you’ll give them a listen. Who knows, you may even be able to perceive the echoes of some of the strains as you read the pages of my books.

This Week’s Song

I’m going to count down the top five songs I love to write to, so let’s get things rolling with number five, “He’s a Pirate”, from the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. Though I have the soundtracks to all three movies and they’re all wonderful (I can’t say the same about the movies they’re from, however, as the first one was the only one I really enjoyed), this song from the first one has the most extensive use of the riff which was employed so often throughout the series. It just sounds like a swashbuckling sword fight on the high seas. A true masterpiece of action and movement and one that I listened to extensively while writing the first few drafts of Into the Vast.

Well, have a listen below if you’re up for it, and I’ll be back next week with some pieces of eight, er, I mean, song number four!

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  1. J. L. Mbewe says:

    Yes! I LOVE the Pirates of the Caribbean sound tracks. I have three of them, and I think I’ve listened to those the most while I wrote Secrets Kept. Although, Lord of the Rings comes in at a close second. 🙂

    • DJ Edwardson says:

      Yes, I love the Lord of the Rings soundtrack as well and have all three from the trilogy. For some reason, though, it’s hard for me to distance myself from the movie when listening to that one and writing. Love the soundtrack though.

  2. […] running through my playlist of the top five songs to write to and, as I mentioned before, it’s all songs from soundtracks and all instrumental songs at […]

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