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Update: Reading and Editing in No-man’s Land

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Just a quick update today with some news about what I’ve been up to reading and writing wise. Normally this time of the month, I’d be salivating over the books on my nightstand with a post about what I’m planning on reading, but this will be the third month in a row I don’t have anything to report on that front. This is because:

  1. I’m a really slow reader
  2. I’m reading an extremely long (non-fiction) book which I do not enjoy at all

So why not just ditch it and read something I do want to read? It’s complicated. Let’s just say this is a personal commitment and leave it at that.

As for writing, well, I’m still knee deep with editing Ascent of the Nebula. If all goes well, I should hit the half way point this weekend. And I’m thrilled that I’ve been able to chop almost 10,000 words off the manuscript so hopefully it will read that much more fast paced and quick.

That said, I don’t think the book will release in December as I had planned or even in January. February is what I’m shooting for at the moment. I’ll say more about that in my next newsletter.

Outside of that I have a couple of movie reviews I’d like to do, and an end of the year retrospective coming up as well. With the holidays my posting here will slow down to a trickle (and you thought my output couldn’t get any more anemic, didn’t you?), but I’ve got lots of exciting things planned for the coming year.

Agh! Now back to editing.

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  1. Jenelle says:

    I am dying of curiosity about which book you’re reading. Did you mention the title in an earlier post?

    Ah, a personal commitment. Well… good luck. Hope you can finish it soon and return to the world of more entertaining reads soon!

  2. Jenelle says:

    P.S. FEBRUARY!!!!! YAY!!!!! 🙂 I must know what happens to Adan! So excited!!!!

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