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And it Came from the Nightstand

book stack photoI’ve been talking back and forth recently with fellow author Jenelle Schmidt about doing some cross-blog kinds of posts. And she had an idea of taking a post I did a while back about the books on my nightstand and turning it into a monthly occurrence. I think we’ve finally got the details worked out to allow each other to post on this topic and have all the posts show up together as a series on each others’ blogs. The idea is to also allow other authors and bloggers in on the fun so maybe if you visit one author’s site you can find out about another author you might not have heard of.

You can also hopefully find out about some new books you might want to try. I know when Jenelle did her version of the post, I saw several books that I would definitely be interested in reading.

And if you’re an author or blogger and you’d like to get in on the fun, let Jenelle or me know. You can find out more of the details, particulars, and ins and outs over on Jenelle’s site.

Next Wednesday is when we’re going to kick things off. So find out what we’re reading, find out about new authors, and join us for the nightstand book series every month. I hope to see you there.

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